PForreal and Uzi



Paul Huston Jr better known as Dj PForReal was born December 11, 1991 in the “Big City, Bright Lights” of New York. This hip-hop entrepreneur was exposed to the sounds of Del la soul, Gravediggaz and Prince among thieves by his Grammy award winning father, Producer Prince Paul. Early in his childhood,Paul was faced with the harsh realities of his parents separation, which helped expand his palette of music to which he gained from his commute between both homes. Paul was motivated to use his circumstances to influence his passion for music. By the age of 7 he began spinning and was producing music by the age of 13. After a late night session and lot of laughter in the studio , Paul transformed into DjPForReal.

DjPForReal's unique style has been showcased at Festivals such as Coachella, Made In America, Wireless Festival, LollaPalooza & Rolling Loud. As well as Popular clubs such as 1 Oak (New York), Compound (Atlanta), Drai’s (Vegas), PlayHouse (Los Angles), and many more. All of his hard work has landed him the opportunity for his talents to be acknowledged and featured in XXL Magazine, Boston Global, Spin Magazine, and Alodie Magazine.

DjPforreal is the official Dj for artist Lil Uzi Vert , who is under the same management as the infamous Dj Drama. They are currently on a nationwide tour , visiting more than 20 cities.